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Name of website: Jackson Andrews MRI
Country: UK
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If you are from Northern Ireland and are looking for a new accountant then we may be what you require. The details of the services we provide are shown elsewhere on this site and as a long-established firm committed to its clients we feel that we can meet your needs, from a large audit to tax return preparation and advice, at a standard and price to satisfy you. If you are looking for specialist services that we do not directly provide then we will know where these services are available and will be glad to help you in your choice of provider. If you are an overseas visitor then you are especially welcome. Despite the image presented to the outside world, Northern Ireland is an extremely attractive place to live and work, and set up a business. Very many visitors, if not most, who come here to set up in business, or as employees of international firms, never leave because of the quality of life, and the work ethic here. We have an excellent education system here which results in a well-educated workforce who are able and prepared to work.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK tax structure except that a special relief is given for capital expenditure on plant and machinery, the full cost of which is allowed against tax in the year of purchase.


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