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Name of website: Scott-Moncrieff
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At Scott-Moncrieff we have a number of very different clients. They range from private individuals and small businesses to international corporations and financial institutions. Although different, they are united in their rare relationship with a firm that combines the professional attractions of expertise with the practical advantages of personal service. Becoming a 'one stop' emporium has never been part of our plans. Rather, we have set out to develop a range of interlocking skills which are relevant to the present and future needs of the business community.We have built our practice on the strengths of our audit, tax and accountancy services, developing these to include international tax, vat and business restructuring. We have added marketing consultancy, financial planning for individuals and groups, computer audit and consultancy, litigation support, as well as the provision of business solutions through outsourcing. There is a strong synergy between these services. Many clients who may have come to us initially for audit or taxation services have found themselves, perhaps unexpectedly, benefiting from advice about their company's marketing strategy or a new personal pension. We apply expertise gained from our practical experience which include the public, financial, life assurance and not-for-profit sectors. We take the hands-on approach to problem solving and our particular skills include value for money audits, risk assessments and advice to management.