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Name of website: The Co-operative Bank
Country: UK

Co-operative Financial Services was formed in April 2002 to bring together The Co-operative Bank, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS) and smile under common leadership. It offers a complete range of financial products, from high street banking to internet banking with smile, from current accounts, credit cards and loans to stakeholder pensions, unit trusts and insurance as well as independent financial advice. One of the largest financial services organisations in the UK with more than 7 million customers, it has an annual income of £3.5 billion and assets under management of £31 billion. Both The Co-operative Bank and CIS were first in their respective sectors to introduce CSR programmes with fully audited triple bottom line (social, environmental & financial) reports in the UK. The Co-operative Bank has a well-established Ethical Policy, which reached its 10th Anniversary in 2002. The policy reflects customers’ views about how their money should and shouldn’t be invested. CIS is a recognised leader in the field of Socially Responsible Investment, and in 2002 was the first UK institutional investor to publish its entire voting record on its website.